Intercont+ and Foodcareplus collaborate for a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Fresh Produce Logistics
Intercont+ and Foodcareplus collaborate for a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Fresh Produce Logistics
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We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Intercont+ and Foodcareplus, aimed at enhancing supply chain solutions for importing and exporting perishables between India and global markets. This collaboration, unveiled at the Fresh Produce India event, leverages Intercont+’s extensive logistics network and state-of-the-art Container Freight Station (CFS) and Inland Container Depot (ICD) facilities in Mumbai, combined with Foodcareplus’s expertise in global cold chain management.

India is one of the largest producers of agricultural products but remains highly reliant on imports to meet the growing domestic demand. This partnership will facilitate this increasing demand for the sustainable import of fresh fruit, chocolate confectionery, and speciality foods, as well as the export of meat, dairy, and fresh produce to international markets by offering tailor-made, efficient, and reliable shipping and logistics solutions, seamlessly integrating our systems to ensure efficient and reliable service.

Our partnership aims to streamline import processes, optimize logistics, and enhance the cold chain experience, with a strong focus on global fruit growers looking to penetrate and expand in the Indian import market. Recent market access approvals, such as avocados from South Africa, will contribute to a more comprehensive fresh produce import base for the Indian market but will require efficient logistic solutions to accommodate the market boom. The partnership will offer such solutions through a suite of tools, stated Steve Alaerts, Partner & Director at Foodcareplus. The partnership is actively facilitating supply chain solutions for apples and citrus coming from Europe, Chile, the USA, Turkey, and South Africa into the Indian market.

Gaurav Sethi, Director of Intercont+, stated: “Our partnership with Foodcareplus marks a new era in fresh produce logistics, empowering exporters and enhancing market reach.

In international trade, building trust between traders and suppliers is often challenging, leading to uncertainties about product availability, quality, and reliable transport services. At Intercont+, our partnership with Foodcareplus addresses these issues by providing a dependable logistics network and acting as a trustworthy third-party provider.

At Intercont+, we understand that cost-efficiency must go hand-in-hand with a commitment to quality. Maintaining cold chain integrity from loading to unloading is crucial to preventing quality loss and extending shelf life. By leveraging our expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, alongside Foodcareplus, we ensure optimal cold chain management, guaranteeing that perishable goods reach their destination in excellent condition. Our advanced monitoring tools enable real-time shipment tracking, better planning, timely deliveries, and increased customer satisfaction.

Our partnership is built on Intercont+’s CCATCH values: enhancing Customer Experience, fostering Collaboration, ensuring Accountability, leveraging Technology, embracing Creativity, and maintaining Humility.

About Intercont+:

Intercont+ is a leading logistics company specializing in digitizing global supply chains with innovative technology. With a mission to create a complete logistical ecosystem, Intercont+ offers comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency and transparency for exporters worldwide.

About Foodcareplus:

Foodcareplus is dedicated to providing specialized logistics solutions for food products. With a focus on centralization and digitization, Foodcareplus ensures cost-efficient and transparent distribution of food around the globe.

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