Intercont+ revolutionizes Grapes export dynamics to Europe: Empowering Indian exporters with transparency and control
Intercont+ revolutionizes Grapes export dynamics to Europe: Empowering Indian exporters with transparency and control
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Intercont+, a leading logistics company in India, is transforming the export landscape and empowering exporters with unprecedented transparency and control. Through their innovative approach, Intercont+ has introduced a streamlined process that not only enhances customer experience but also revolutionizes the logistics journey from the farm to the supermarket.

Empowering Exporters: A Paradigm Shift

Traditionally, exporters faced challenges dealing with importers who levied heavy charges, including import fees and substantial commissions. This lack of transparency often led to inflated costs, with exporters having little control over their perishable goods. Intercont+ addressed these issues head-on by eliminating the importer from the equation.

Transparent Logistics Journey

Under Intercont+’s innovative approach, exporters pack their perishables, such as grapes, in open punnets in a 5 kg corrugated box. Intercont then takes charge, sending dedicated containers & then the commodities are top-sealed and labelled upon offloading at the destination in a state-of-the-art packaging facility. Upon arrival, Foodcareplus performs all the quality checks to ensure that the grapes have arrived in safe and sound condition. This transparency provides exporters with insights into logistics costs, control over their perishables, and the ability to capitalize on market prices.

Market Price Visibility and Sales Insights

This shift empowers exporters with real-time visibility into logistics costs and complete control over their perishable goods. The exporter can now ascertain the market price at which their products are being sold, fostering transparency and trust in the export process.

Dockflow: The Technological Backbone

At the heart of this revolutionary solution lies Dockflow, an integral part of the Intercont+ ecosystem. Dockflow integrates container management, temperature regulation, and location tracking ensuring transparency & accountability.

The Intercont+ Ecosystem

The Intercont+ platform ecosystem encompasses the entire export journey, from first-mile logistics in India, including custom clearance, to ocean freight, and finally, last-mile delivery at the destination. This end-to-end solution empowers exporters with unprecedented control and visibility throughout the export lifecycle.

Intercont+ continues to champion innovation, offering not just logistics services but a transformative export experience. With transparency, control, and efficiency at its core, this revolutionary approach signifies a new era for exporters worldwide.

Global Reach with Foodcareplus Partnership

Intercont+ has successfully transported grapes from India to Europe using its ecosystem. In Europe, the logistics journey is continued by FCP, their credible logistics partner who acts as an integral part of Intercont+’s ecosystem providing last-mile solutions including facilitating Indian exporters with sales channels and cold chain infrastructure.

Ashish Nikam, Sr. International business development manager at Intercont+, stated, “Our mission is to empower exporters, providing them with unprecedented control and transparency in the logistics chain. We believe in fostering a collaborative and accountable ecosystem that leverages technology and creativity. With our CCATCH values, we are redefining the export logistics landscape.”

Together, we move forward

Intercont+ is not just a logistics company; it is a catalyst for change in the export industry. By empowering exporters with transparency, control, and cost-efficiency, Intercont+ is reshaping the future of global logistics.

For more information, visit Intercont Freight Liners Pvt Ltd.

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