Intercont+ Launches “Together We Move Forward” Campaign: Redefining Collaboration in Logistics
Intercont+ Launches “Together We Move Forward” Campaign: Redefining Collaboration in Logistics
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Intercont+, a leading logistics company known for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, is proud to announce the launch of its new communication strategy, “Together We Move Forward.” This initiative represents a bold step forward for Intercont+, emphasizing collaboration, progress, and unity as the driving forces behind the company’s success.

Why “Together We Move Forward”?
The decision to adopt “Together We Move Forward” as the central theme of Intercont+’s communication strategy stems from the company’s deep-rooted values of teamwork, resilience, and innovation. At Intercont+, the belief in collective effort and shared success permeates every aspect of its operations, whether it’s partnering with clients to optimize logistics solutions or fostering employee engagement through extracurricular activities. This initiative embodies the spirit of unity and advancement, emphasizing that true progress is achieved when we move forward together, hand in hand with our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Intercont+ recognizes that success is never a solitary pursuit—it’s a collaborative journey where we achieve greater heights together.

CCATCH Values:
At the heart of the “Together We Move Forward” campaign are Intercont+’s core values, encapsulated by the acronym –

C: Customer Experience,

C: Collaboration,

A: Accountability,

T: Technology,

C: Creativity,

H: Humility.

These values serve as the guiding principles that inform every aspect of Intercont+’s operations, ensuring that the company remains committed to delivering exceptional service while fostering strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders.

Gaurav Sethi, CEO of Intercont+, shared his thoughts on the launch of the “Together We Move Forward” campaign, stating, “Growth and success are never achieved alone. At Intercont+, we believe in the power of collaboration and progress. Our new communication strategy, ‘Together We Move Forward,’ reflects our commitment to working hand in hand with our clients and partners to achieve shared goals.”

About Intercont:

Intercont+ is a cold chain master known for its comprehensive suite of integrated logistics solutions, including CFS and ICD services. By leveraging a robust ecosystem that encompasses trucking, rail, and sea connectivity, as well as warehousing and cold storage facilities, Intercont+ streamlines supply chain processes. This integrated approach optimizes transportation routes, minimizes costs, and enhances reliability, ensuring that clients’ goods are handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

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